PAINEXFrequently Asked Questions

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the preferred investigation for most spinal diseases and is increasingly requested in patients with low back pain (LBP). Determining the cause of back pain is complicated as it is often multifactorial and anatomical abnormalities are common in the spine and may not necessarily translate into clinical symptoms. Thus, guidelines discourage the use of MRI in non-specific LBP and recommend reserving it for the investigation of severe or progressive neurological deficits or for those cases in which serious underlying pathology is suspected. It also has an acknowledged role in planning surgical management in cases of radiculopathy and spinal stenosis.To conclude MRI IS NOT MUST before every procedure! But careful evaluation of patient is mandatory!!!

Pain management, as the word suggests, is basically “managing” pain. It is a specialised and dedicated branch for the treatment of pain. Your chronic pain problem is tackled by experts,who are super specialists in pain medicine. Our team assesses your problem, gets to the root of it and formulates the safest and most evidence based treatment plan for you, either right away, or after a few investigations. Investigations may include MRI scans, CT scans, Ultrasonography, X-rays, blood investigations etc., which are important to confirm the diagnosis, as well as to increase the safety profile. Our experts manage your pain in a very holistic way by employing one or more of the various treatment strategies which include medication, nerve blocks, epidural injections, radiofrequency ablation, chemical neurolysis, spinal cord stimulation, joint injections, PRP injections, physiotherapy etc

Yes. Most of the interventional procedures are covered under health insurance. In a network hospital, cashless facilities are available. In non-network hospitals, reimbursement of the bill can be done. The financial coverage depends on the total coverage of your policy and sub-clause/conditions mentioned in the policy, which you will have to confirm.

No. Pain management is a different super specialty field. Orthopedicians are specialists of the bone, just as we have ophthalmologists for the eye, diabetologists for diabetes, cardiologists for the heart. Similarly we have “Pain Specialists” or doctors who manage your pain. Like all other branches in medical field, this specialty has its own science and protocol to guide correct diagnosis and treatment.Pain management itself is a unique specialty having evidence based practice protocol which works in association with all other medical specialties, as pain could be experienced by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

All our interventional techniques are performed by experts, in well-equipped centres/hospitals, with utmost sterile precautions. Image guidance (X-ray, CT, USG) is used while performing any procedures, which maximises the safety profile. However, the risk of adverse events is as much as that associated with any medical procedure. Any risks present are explained thoroughly to the patient as well as the relatives prior to the procedure and enough time is given to resolve your queries and take an informed decision. Your decision is respected at all times.

You can visit a pain specialist for any pain in the body from head to toe, lasting for more than 3 months and not responding to regular analgesics and preventive measures. You can even visit earlier if pain is severe or disturbing and disproportionate to the cause. A pain specialist can help you with every type of pain which is disturbing, affecting quality of life or hampering activities of daily living. Pain syndromes like headache, migraine, facial pain, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, ankle pain, hand pain, leg pain, post herpetic pain, cancer pain, chronic tingling numbness, phantom limb pain, pain in any old injury or scar etc. can be very well managed by a pain specialist. Visit a pain specialist to get an expert opinion for treatment of your pain, in the safest, most advanced and evidence based way, without surgery or prolonged hospitalization. 


Dr. Nivedita Page ( MBBS, MD, FIPM )

Pain Management Consultant at Cipla Cancer Foundation ( Warje ), Ace Hospital ( Erandwane ), Pune.

Dr. Nivedita has done her Masters in Anesthesiology, followed by a super specialization in chronic pain and palliative care with training from experts in Perth, Western Australia. Passionate about helping patients relieve their pain she uses a comprehensive and holistic approach to treat pain, along with a wide range of non-surgical interventional techniques. Her special areas of interest include back pain and chronic neuropathic pain.

Dr. Kashinath Bangar (MBBS, DNB, FIPM)

Pain and Palliative Physician at Joshi Hospital, Ratna Memorial Hospital and MJM Hospital, Pune.

Dr Kashinath Bangar has done his post graduation from Pune and superspecialty fellowship in pain and palliative care from Kolkata. His expertise in interventional pain management using ultrasonography, fluoroscopy and CT scan along with a special interest in cancer pain and end of life care makes our organization unique. Due to his empathetic approach towards patients and relatives, he often successfully converts miserable, painful faces into comfortable and happy ones.

His motto is “ Life is beautiful. So end of life, though not happy, must be comfortable ”

Dr. Varsha S. Kurhade (MBBS, DA, DNB, FIPM)

Pain and Palliative Care Physician at Indrayani Cancer Hospital (Alandi), Consulting at Connaught Place, Opp. Wadia College, Bund Garden road (Pune)

Dr Varsha Kurhade has completed her post graduation in Anesthesiology, followed by training in chronic pain from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, and a fellowship in interventional pain management from Daradia Pain Clinic, Kolkata. She has been actively and effectively managing cancer and non cancer pain. She firmly believes in pain management by a multimodal approach, ranging from medical management, behavioral therapy as well as interventions by nerve blocks. Her goal is to minimize suffering and provide relief to patients by all possible means