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Pain Diagnosis

At Painex, our focus is on creating individually tailored treatment plans to rid your pain as quickly as possible. We leave no stone unturned in helping you reclaim a pain free life. Your evaluation process with us may include a full medical history, detailed clinical examination, CT Scans, MRI scans, X-Rays – in short, whatever it takes to get to the root of your symptoms. We will establish the root cause of your problem and customise a pain treatment plan to suit you.

Some of the common diagnosis we come across include:

Back Pain
Neck Pain
Shoulder pain
Knee pain
Post surgical pain
Post traumatic pain
Diabetic neuropathy
Postherpetic neuralgia
Cancer pain
Whole body pain Or Fibromyalgia
Heel pain
Herniated Disc
Degenerative Disc Disease
Wrist pain
Facial pain

Pain Treatment

We are firm believers in the concept of “Total Pain”, thus propagate holistic pain management through a non-surgical, multimodal, multidisciplinary approach.

Our Treatment methods:

Trigger point injections
Intramuscular stimulation
Epidural steroid
Median branch block
Genicular nerve block
Suprascapular nerve block
Stellate ganglion block
Celiac plexus block
Superior hypogastric plexus block
Facet joint injection
Sacroiliac joint injection
Transforaminal selective nerve root block injection

Physiotherapy for pain

We understand the dynamics of your body, both in health and sickness. Our physiotherapists will alter the pain dynamics of your muscles and joints in scientifically proven ways. Our focus will be on reducing deconditioning, avoidance of “kinesiophobia” that is fear of movement, exercises to regain strength and flexibility, work-rest pacing, help with rehabilitation and resumption of daily and social activities.

Nutrition for Pain

Most people are aware that nutrition plays a very important role in health. However you will be surprised to know that it affects pain physiology too. A balanced diet, good nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight as well as optimum levels of all the macro and micro nutrients is an important aspect in holistic pain management. Nutrition influences pain perception, transmission, pain threshold, inflammatory mediators. Nutrition plans at Painex may involve changes in diet as well as use of dietary supplements including vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Our comprehensive pain management programs include expert nutrition counseling.

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